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What is the NeoRacer?

The NeoRacer is a portable fitness bike, equipped with adjustable magnetic resistance for ultra-smooth pedal motion across all resistance levels. The heavy-duty steel frame and twin-belted driving mechanism insure long lasting durability.

Use it while watching TV, working on the computer, reading a book, talking on the phone, or any other activity where you’re sitting down and your legs are free. You can even use it to exercise your arms and shoulders.

You can upgrade your NeoRacer to interact with video games on Xbox®, GameCube®, Playstation®, Playstation®2 game consoles. You can even use it to play games on your PC. Control your speed in the game by pedaling and use the game controller for everything else. Assign the pedal motion to any button on the controller. You can also adjust the speed sensitivity of the pedal motion. The NeoRacer works best with driving and racing games.

Basic Game Upgrade – Interact with Playstation®, Playstation®2 and PC games.
Extended Game Upgrade – Interact with Xbox®, GameCube®, Playstation®, Playstation®2 and PC games.
The NeoRacer works with Island Worlds – The NeoRacer interacts with the cyber fitness software Island Worlds (requires either the Basic or the extended Game Upgrade).

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