What is the MagneTrainer?

What is the MagneTrainer?

The MagneTrainer is a portable magnetic fitness bike which has been tailored to meet the needs of physical therapy patients. It’s great for both upper and lower body exercises. The MagneTrainer can be used to improve circulation, muscle strength, coordination, cardiovascular health, & Range-of-motion. Options are available to take your mind off of the exercise session and can even make it fun.


Adjustable Magnetic Resistance – The MagneTrainer uses adjustable magnetic resistance to provide ultra-smooth pedal motion in both the forward and reverse directions. Lower resistances are excellent for warming up and for rehabilitation. Higher resistances can be used for cardiovascular exercise and to build muscle mass.
4-Function Digital Display – Displays speed, time, calories and distance traveled during the fitness session. It automatically turns on when you start pedaling and turns off when you are not using the bike.


Videogames Option – The pedal motion controls your speed in the game. A game controller is included for all other functions. Interact with games on Playstation®, PS2®, Xbox® GameCube® and your PC. This option works best with racing and driving games.
Island Worlds Software (Available Soon) – Use the MagneTrainer to explore 3D worlds while exercising. The pedal motion controls your speed, and steer using the controller. Explore 3D worlds alone, or with others over the internet. You can speak with others using voice-chat. Create and customize your own worlds. For more information about Island Worlds go to www.IslandWorlds.com.

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