PCGamerBike Mini

PCGamerBike Mini

The PCGamerBike is a compact exercise bike that directly interacts with PC games. Your pedal motion precisely controls your character motion in the game. Pedal forward to move your character forward, pedal reverse to move your character backward. Just plug it into a USB port and it’s ready to go.

PCGamerBike and Tony Little on X-Play


Can be used with nearly any PC Game

You can independently assign your forward and reverse pedal motion to a keyboard key or a mouse button. The PCGamerBike is the only interactive bike that gives you precise control over your characters position. This is a must for FPS (First Person Shooter) games. Don’t play games? Try on-line 3D worlds.

Free Progress Charting Software

The PCGamerBike includes progress charting software that captures and displays your exercise progress.

Free Island Worlds Cyber-Fitness software.

The PCGamerBike comes with free Island Worlds™ cyber-fitness software. You’ll receive the Island Worlds Explorer™ and the Island Worlds Editor™. Island Worlds software will be released in June. A download link will be mailed to you at that time. Learn more about Island Worlds.

Optional Game Controllers:

You don’t need a Gaming Pad to use the PCGamerBike but they make it more fun. The following Gaming Pads can be programmed to emulate the keyboard, mouse and joystick buttons. Click on any image to learn more. The PC Gaming Mouse and the Gamer’s Keyboard are also available.

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