Dance Dance Dance Revolution iON Metal Dance Pad for PS/ PS2 – Xbox – PC

Dance Dance Dance Revolution iON Metal Dance Pad for PS/ PS2 – Xbox – PC

We are proud to present the latest design iON Metal Pad and iON Arcade Metal Pad. This newest version, iON Metal Pad, gives you both the durability and accuracy of an actual arcade platform. You will definitely be shocked at how smooth and sensitive of this metal pad. You have to play it to believe it.

iON pad is the latest innovated technology for all dance dance revolution fans. This is a beautifully designed and well engineered DDR dance pad. Solid and sensitive arrow gives you excellent response and great game play. The advance wiring and most sensitive buttons which translate to much higher scores and NO MORE DELAY!. We were amazed of the quickness and accuracy registered on every press of the button.

Don’t settle for less, when practicing your moves on DDR. iON metal pad will give you the Dance Dance Revolution gaming experience from the arcade to home. Now you can improve the DDR game skills in the comfort of your own home and show them off, when you step into the arcade. Competitors/spectators will be amazed at your skill level after practicing on the iON metal pad.

With our combo packages you are all setup to experience an even more comfortable Dance Dance Revolution style of game play at home with these uniquely designed pads!

Who would have thought DDR couldn’t get any better? You must try it to believe it! iON metal pad and iON Arcade Metal Pad are the best metal dance pads ever created and the quality is superb!



  • Linkable Latch – for 2 iON Pad
  • PadsPower is taken directly from the PS One, Playstation 2, XBOX, or PC. Control Box Included (work with PS One, Playstation 2, XBOX, and PC)
  • Advanced wiring and most sensitive buttons Super large sensor for better sensitivity
  • First pure stainless steel metal pad in the market (9 stainless steel metal plates)
  • Arrows are constructed of all stainless steel metal (No more cracking arrows)
  • Smooth Edges and 4 screw design.
  • Heavy Duty, can handle player weight up to 600 lbs ‘
  • Touch Sensitive Technology’ excellent response from buttons.
  • 0% noise level, no noise when jumping on arrows.
  • This Dance Dance Revolution Platform will work on carpet or hard floor.
  • The entire dance dance revolution platform frame is metal, Weights about 40 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 31.5 inches x 34.5 inches
  • 1.5 inches thick
  • All sides and middle are reinforced with stainless steel plates .
  • EVA foam base (non-slip bottom) so that the pad won’t slip around.
  • No Assembly Required!

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