10 platforms with online training for cyclists

10 platforms with online training for cyclists

One of the greatest benefits of online exercise platforms is their ability to bring together a wide range of training plans and various types of exercise in one place.

This is ideal for diversifying your training plan. You can program your physical preparation to develop strength, dexterity, as well as resistance over a wide spectrum of exercises and movements.

The different varieties of physical routines or cross-training plans will help you work all the angles and muscle fibers, achieving a more functional and adaptable body for all types of exercise. In addition, it will help you prevent injuries, as you exercise your body in an integral manner.

Training platforms to improve your performance on the bike


1. The Sufferfest

Type of training: various exercise routines focused on different cycling disciplines; strength; resistance; elasticity and yoga specialized in cycling.

Subscription: monthly membership.

With 11 categories of training including climbing, exercise and resistance to improve cycling, this online platform also features strength training and yoga specifically geared to cyclists. As well as a series of routines focused on different disciplines within cycling: route, triathlon, cyclocross, gravel, XC MTB.

The Sufferfest training plan
All The Sufferfest training plans are designed by world-class trainers and automatically adapt to your 4DP profile, making them ideal for the cyclist who wants to increase his or her fitness and improve their strength and technique on top of the bike with comprehensive routines.


2. Peloton


Type of training: live classes; routines with exercises for running, strength, toning, cycling, yoga, meditation and outdoor exercises. All with cycling as the mainstay of your training.

Exercise platoon
Subscription: monthly membership.

Peloton provides you with access to more than 20 live classes every day and thousands of virtual classes that you can take with or without a team.

They also have classes in indoor cycling, running, walking, bootcamp core, strength and outdoor cycling, so you don’t need to have the Peloton bike to benefit from their training plans.

Get stronger and achieve your goals, with a combination of exercise routines with running, strength, toning, cycling, yoga, meditation and outdoor exercise.

3. CycleCoach

Type of training: the plans are personalized and focused on cycling.

Subscription: two levels of monthly membership (silver and gold), one annual membership (rainbow)

Personalized training; analysis of your progress; different levels of training, always focused on improving your performance on the bike. All levels use their own training with different levels and depth of analysis. They have even created a Facebook group for those who prefer to communicate through that medium.

Whether your goal is to win your next race or lose weight, this platform relies on evidence-based scientific training to help you achieve your goals. Suitable for all types of cyclists and multi-sport athletes, but always with the aim of improving your cycling skills.

4. Virtuagym

Type of workouts: routines to lose weight or gain muscle with personal trainer and training videos in streaming and 3D animation

Subscription: monthly membership.

Exercise editor with which you can create your own training plans or if you prefer, you can select one of its more than 4500 routines with 3D animated exercises.

If you are looking for a platform that allows you to manage training and nutrition in one place and that is also free, this is an option.

5. Freeletics

Type of training: training routines using only your own weight.

Subscription: free and access to all its functions with monthly cost.

Accessible from the website and its application, Freeletics is a platform with an individualized high intensity training program that has free and paid functions. The different exercises are designed to work only with your own weight. They also have a feeding guide with simple recipes to follow and a personal coach to help the user achieve their training goals.

An option for those who do not want to complicate themselves with the use of different training equipment.


6. Ictiva

Type of training: 21 different disciplines with specific exercises, more than 1000 online classes, virtual trainer configurable to customize your workout. Specific training plans to lose weight and tone your body; follow your physical evolution.

Subscription: free version and full-featured version with monthly membership with cost.

The Ictiva service allows you to select up to 21 disciplines and unlike other platforms includes exercises for the whole family – pregnant women, babies and children -, boxers and for dancing. The staff of this virtual gym are personal trainers and expert nutritionists who have designed a series of diets according to the user’s purpose.

A virtual gym for the whole family, so if you like to exercise in the company of others, this is the place for you.

7. Fitnessonline

Type of workouts: yoga, dance fitness; cardio routines

Subscription: free

The fitnessonline platform offers articles, graphics and content for health, nutrition and exercise with routines for different modalities such as yoga; dance fitness; Cardio GAP (buttocks, abs and legs) many of its plans and routines are downloadable and best of all it is completely free, in addition to having live virtual classes.

Suitable for those looking to strengthen specific parts of their body.

8. Core Collective

Type of training: strength routines; exercise; indoor cycling; pilates; yoga; circuits; kettlebell strength

Subscription: monthly and annual membership

Core Collective is an exercise platform with a page called CCTV, which is a streaming channel where they share on-demand workouts, which are performed in real time with live trainers and are divided into six categories: sweat, training, strength, pilates, yoga, extras. It is also possible to download training routines (with membership) for cycling and other disciplines and perform them without an internet connection.

If you are looking to be faster as a cyclist, strengthening your torso or core is essential, so this platform will help you perform your training in a structured way so that you reach your goals progressively.

9. Kobox


Type of training: structured routines for boxing.

Subscription: plans by number of classes with cost and monthly and annual membership.

Kobox has a series of online classes designed by their best trainers, in which they present two trainings per day (one at 10 am and another at 5 pm), designed to help anyone, boxer or not, to get in shape. Everything is streamed through Instagram Live and you can purchase either a single class or an entire structured training plan.

Whether you’re looking to build strength, increase your endurance or lose weight, boxing is one of the sports that helps you burn fat and build muscle.


10. Neou Fitness

Type of training: routines for more than 60 different sports disciplines

Subscription: annual and monthly membership.

1,400 training routines in at least 60 different sports disciplines You can access their on-demand library where you can combine the routines you want or you can enjoy the 2 live classes that are broadcast daily.

If you are looking for training programs for some kind of sport that is not very common nowadays, Neou has it. Among its wide training content you can choose between classes like the Aoki Bootcamp or Bells Up, which are ideal options for those who are very demanding and easily get bored with traditional routines.

Now if you want to access a service with a routine and exercises online quickly, without the need to register and for free, Youtube has different channels dedicated to physical preparation such as: Fitness Blender and Gymvirtual, which offer routines to train the different parts of the body, or channels such as Alter Yoga, which has yoga routines especially structured for cyclists.

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